What is Love?

If you don´t have nothing to give, you don’t have nothing to live for.


smile, hug, care, cherish, trust, understanding, forgiving, peace, hope, support, thanks, truth, compassion, attention, imagination,

in other words


When we speak about love we refer to it in sense of some sort of sensations between couples. As a result we often hear that love hurt or give us a great joy and pleasure.

But in it’s essence love is something much more sublime. First of all love is the general low of nature what refer on giving and bestowing. The whole nature that created us is an act of love. Therefore our root, our foundation is love.

And this universal love, the same caring love that make all the universe, has a plan, let me say preliminary thought with it’s final goal: to bring us, it’s creatures pleasure and joy. It turns out that many generations have to go through many phases until they reach this sublime goal of wondrous loving nature.

We often forget this, neglecting this great gift of nature thinking that we are above nature. But we are in nature and we are corrupted in our nature, in our life, by our character, by our ego. And where is this ego revealed? In the relationships between us.

Many torments and blows will reach us until we come out in front of Nature with pure loving hearts full of care for others, until we realize that this same uniting force that created us want from us the very same thing: to be united in one loving heart like the source that is one and infinite, without no beginning and no end.
In the meantime let’s try to be more connected, more compassionate, more united.

Let’s try to help one another, let’s give an example one another, let’s in our neighborhood do something good. If we don’t do it nature will force us on it through many punishments and crises on all levels of our existence that we experience in our times.


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